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Prometheus | Ultra Legato

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Prometheus | Ultra Legato
Prometheus | Ultra Legato

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is the god credited with creating man from clay as an act of defiance against the other gods. The first creation in our bass drum series sets the starting point for the rest of the line. The prometheus is perfect for moments when you need a colossal sound that engages the entire drum with very little effort.

Core: Rubber
Wrap: 2 Layers of ultra soft polyester sherpa
Character: Ultra Legato
Handle Length: 17”
Handle Diameter: ¾”
Recommended Handle: Micarta (heavyweight)


NOTE: All Prometheus beaters will now be made with a sewn wrap (like in the first photo) instead of a wound wrap. This style change doesn't affect the sound or durability. It just makes for a cleaner looking beater (which is why we decided to make the change.)

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