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Norma | 3/8" Brass | Magic Flute

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Norma | 3/8" Brass | Magic Flute
Norma | 3/8" Brass | Magic Flute

The Norma - or “Square and Rule” - is our quintessential Magic Flute mallet. A rather unknown fact in music history is that Mozart himself was a Freemason and his works are filled with subtle masonic references. This mallet features the highest-quality small brass ball on a fiberglass handle. The extended, hybrid-plastic, grip allows those who like to choke up on the mallet to still have something to hold on to while those who prefer to hold back get the added benefit of the weight that is missing from other Magic Flute mallets.


Length: 11"
Handle diameter: 1/4"
Head material: Brass
Head size: 3/8"
Suggested use: glockenspiel

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