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Moonlight Copper-Bottom | Drumset Stick with Copper Butt

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Moonlight Copper-Bottom | Drumset Stick with Copper Butt
Moonlight Copper-Bottom | Drumset Stick with Copper Butt

The Copper-Bottom Moonlights feature copper caps on the butt-end of each stick that are perfect for cymbal scrapes and other accents. Since the copper caps are softer than most cymbal alloys, they won't leave any marks on your cymbals and because of the way the caps are attached to the end of the stick, there is almost no feel difference whatsoever between the Copper-Bottoms and the standard Moonlights.

The Moonlight is truly a big band style drumset stick in every sense. Incorporating elements from a classic 5A, the Moonlight boasts a slower taper than our Broadway model and features a small acorn-shaped bead for effortless riding, fast rebound, and a smooth feel across the entire kit. The .562” grip diameter feels familiar in your hands, while the 16” length gives you just the right amount of reach. With these sticks in your hands, you’ll be the band leader everyone wants to follow.

NOTE: Copper is soft and light which makes it the perfect material for scraping cymbals without damaging them. But these characteristics make it NOT ideal for use on a break drum, anvil, or any other hard iron/steel instrument. The caps will become dented/damaged very easily if used in this manner.


Grip diameter: .562"
Length: 16"
Taper length: 3 1/8"
Bead: Acorn
Avg. weight (per stick): 50g

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