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Fantastique Chime Mallets | Hard (one pair)

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Fantastique Chime Mallets | Hard (one pair)
Fantastique Chime Mallets | Hard (one pair)

The Fantastique earned its name in honor of the great Berlioz masterpiece. They feature a hard, phenolic resin head with a zinc insert added for extra weight up front. This is the loudest and clearest tool for chimes you will ever need.

Our chime mallets have been designed to put the traditional hammer-type shape out of commission. The spherical head allows for better control over dynamics and timbre as well as the ability to navigate quick passages without worrying about where the head is landing on each note.

Available on your choice of Micarta or carbon fiber handles. The lightweight carbon fiber will give you a front heavy-balance while the heavyweight Micarta will counter the weight of the head and give you a more overall balanced feel. Many players prefer the front-heavy feel of the carbon fiber handles for chime-playing applications.

 Please note: The listed price is for one PAIR of mallets.

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