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Dauntless | Light Rollers (one pair)

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Dauntless | Light Rollers (one pair)
Dauntless | Light Rollers (one pair)

The Dauntless rollers have cork cores with a brass inserts which make them lightweight for effortless rolls, without being feathery. The cork also always for almost zero contact noise so you can truly start your rolls from nothing.

The rattan handle is lighter-weight and more flexible while the hickory provides a heavier, snare-drumstick-like feel.

Dauntless Specifications
Overall Length: 16" (Rattan)/17" (Hickory) 
Handle Diameter: 9mm (Rattan)/.634" (Hickory)
Head Diameter: 1.5"
Hardness: Soft
Core: Cork w/ brass insert


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