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Apennine | Legato

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Apennine | Legato
Apennine | Legato

The Wanderlust series was developed in response to a large number of inquiries from those looking for more traditional mallet options for timpani that didn't break the bank. These handcrafted, European-style mallets are proof that great timpani mallets DON'T need to cost $90+.

While our original Sleight of Hand series for timpani breaks boundaries by using 100% synthetic wrap materials, the Wanderlust series throws it back to our roots with premium German felt wraps (sourced from THE authentic source for timpani mallet felt) and hand-selected single-knot Tonkin bamboo handles.

Our bamboo handles are pitch-matched and exact weight-matched to the gram and are also 100% finished and sealed for a perfectly smooth and satiny feel. If you prefer carbon fiber handles, select it from the dropdown menu above! Our woven carbon fiber handles provide a perfect balance and the high-gloss finish makes it easier to keep a snug grip, even with sweaty hands.

Apennine Specifications:
Core: 1 1/8" wood ball
Wrap: 2 layers of German felt
Handle material: Tonkin bamboo or woven carbon fiber
Handle length: 38cm (approx. 15")
Handle diameter: 10mm (approx. .4")

We offer a totally free rewrap service on all of our fabric or felt-covered mallets including bass drum beaters, timpani mallets, and suspended cymbal mallets. Go to our Lifetime Rewraps page to learn more.

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