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Custom Mallets

At Artifact, we don’t believe in the antiquated idea that "what you see is what you get." While we offer a wide range of pre-designed sounds, we love giving our customers a chance to customize an order to their exact specifications.

Custom Xylo & Glock

We have the ability to put any of our keyboard ball materials on your choice of rattan, maple, our signature synthetic handle, or our soft-grip fiberglass handle, at your desired length. If you are interested in a certain sound or material that we don't typically stock, we can usually special order it for you, depending on availability and cost.

Our rattan handles are typically stocked at a diameter that ranges between 7.0-8.0mm and are cut and finished to the length of 13”. However, we can cut our rattan to any length up to 15” and finish it at a diameter down to 6mm for those who like a thinner handle.

Custom Marimba & Vibe

We can make your marimba and vibe mallets to any requested length and handle diameter on maple, rattan (up to 15"), or Micarta. We also have the ability to make your mallets in just about any hardness, weight, yarn type, and color but keep in mind that these types of orders can be very costly depending on materials desired  as well as the time it takes to design and craft the mallets.

Custom Double-ended Sticks & Mallets

The possibilities for double-ended sticks and mallets are just about endless. We have created several different combinations for custom orders, our most popular being a marimba/xylo/glock combination. We can do double-end mallets on birch, rattan, micarta, bamboo for timpani mallets, and hickory for drumstick combinations.

Mallet Alterations

Do you have an old pair of mallets that needs some fresh rattan? Maybe you have a pair that you like but you think would perform better with a little bit of extra weight in the head or a thinner shaft? We can do that! Believe it or not, we can do just about anything to alter an existing pair of mallets.


We typically charge a $10/pair custom fee in addition to the regular price of the model in our shop. For example, if you request a pair of marimba mallets with custom-dyed maple handles, the cost would be the price of the regular mallets plus an additional $10 custom fee. The fee can vary based on the type of customization. 

We do not charge any fee for a simple custom length order.

​Alterations start at $20/pair.

​Note: We do not take custom drumstick orders.


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