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Custom Graduated Sets

VC Series Custom Graduated Set (set of 4 mallets)

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VC Series Custom Graduated Set (set of 4 mallets)

Design your own graduated set of Vox Calidus marimba mallets for the same price as buying two regular pairs. This option is for a set of four individual mallets on maple or rattan handles and with or without grip wrap. Simply select your handle and grip wrap choices from the dropdown menus above and make sure to indicate your four individual mallet choices in the box.

Choose from:

Aureus VC (soft)
Caelum VC (med. soft)
Ignaelum VC (medium)
Ignis VC (med. hard)
Quartus VC (hard)

Vox Calidus, meaning “warm voice” is the newest addition to our growing line of marimba mallets. Made with rubber cores and much softer yarn and a slightly looser wrap than our original line, these mallets have a deeply warm two-tone character with almost no contact noise. They follow the same hardness scheme as our original line so there is never any confusion on which model you are looking for in your bag.