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TambDamps | Reusable Tambourine Dampeners

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TambDamps | Reusable Tambourine Dampeners
TambDamps | Reusable Tambourine Dampeners
TambDamps | Reusable Tambourine Dampeners

The TambDamps will change the way you play tambourine. Their easy application and removal allow you to make timbre changes on the fly which means you can get the exact sound that you’re looking for regardless of the playing environment.
You get one TambDamp of each size: 1”, 2”, and 3” diameter. You can use each of them individually for a large range of dampening or mix and match them to dial in the perfect amount of control - no more choked off tambourine heads. The TambDamps are lightweight, low profile, and won't ruin your tambourine head like moleskin does. They are safe for synthetic or natural calfskin heads.
The TambDamps are washable, durable, and reusable so you can count on them lasting many years. They are a great multi-use piece of gear: use them as snare drum dampeners or to stick your metronome to the practice room wall when you don't have enough flat surfaces.
One tin of Tambourine Friction Wax is included with your set of TambDamps.

Please note: We cannot ship Friction Wax internationally.  If you are located outside of the US, the Friction Wax will not be included with your TambDamps.

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