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Xylophone Mallets

Lyra | 1 1/4" Hybrid Rubber | Med. to Hard

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Lyra | 1 1/4" Hybrid Rubber | Med. to Hard
Lyra | 1 1/4" Hybrid Rubber | Med. to Hard

Orpheus's music was said to be so great that even inanimate objects such as trees, streams, and rocks could be charmed by his Lyra's song. Our Lyra xylophone mallet is one of the most versatile mallets in our initial line due to its hybrid-plastic head material. Having characteristics of both rubber and plastic, the ball is capable of producing a wide range of timbres from the instrument. When played softly, the mallet has a warmness that is perfect for spots like Reh. 46 in Firebird but when played loudly it works great for the fast triplet lick in Kammermusik and for that quirky solo in Polka.


Length: 13"
Handle diameter: 7mm (rattan), 5/16" (maple)
Head material: Hybrid rubber
Head size: 1 1/4"
Suggested use: xylophone, wood block, temple blocks, multi-percussion setups, small gongs, etc. Can also be used for note-bending on vibraphone as well as the upper register of a marimba)

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