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Timpani Mallets

The Upside Down | 50/50 General & Ultra Staccato

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The Upside Down | 50/50 General & Ultra Staccato
The Upside Down | 50/50 General & Ultra Staccato

Our Sleight of Hand Series uses the traditional cores that you’re used to - wood, cork and compressed hard felt - and combines them with something totally new. This is the first timpani mallet line to use 100% synthetic material wraps - polyester, nylon, and acrylic fibers woven into different styles of sherpa and fleece fabrics - which means these wraps are vastly more durable and more consistent than their traditional German or American felt counterparts. The synthetic fibers don’t need to be voiced, won’t breakdown over time from the dirt and oils in your hands or on the drums, and will endure many years of regular playing before ever needing to be rewrapped. Oh yeah, and when they do need to be rewrapped, we’ll do it for free!

And the best part - they sound freakin’ great on the drums and feel even better in your hands. The 15" long woven carbon fiber handles provide a perfect balance and the gloss-finish makes it easier to keep a snug grip, even with sweaty hands. 

Upside Down Specifications:
Core: 1 1/2" wood disc (lined with synthetic felt on roller side)
Wrap: Lightweight polyester fleece/Midweight polyester sherpa 
Handle material: Woven carbon fiber
Handle length: 15"
Handle diameter: 1/2"

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