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Xylophone Mallets

Apus | 1" Union Blue | Hard

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Apus | 1" Union Blue | Hard
Apus | 1" Union Blue | Hard
Apus | 1" Union Blue | Hard

The Apus - or “bird of Paradise” - is the first and last mallet you will ever need to play any of the passages in Messiaen's Exotic Birds. The material used in the creation of this mallet is specifically designed to create a “chirping” sound out of the bars of the xylophone making it suitable for the wide range of sounds demanded of the player in this epic chamber work.


Length: 13"
Handle diameter: 7mm (rattan), 5/16" (maple)
Head material: Nylon
Head size: 1"
Suggested use: glockenspiel and xylophone


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