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Vibraphone Mallets

Cynisca | Very Hard

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Cynisca | Very Hard

The Cynisca is named after the Greek princess of Sparta who became the first woman to win at the ancient Olympic Games in 396 BC. This mallet has theĀ strength and boldness to cut through large ensembles whether in the concert hall or on the field.

If you like your handles wrapped, don't forget to select the grip wrap option from the drop-down menu above - we'll send your mallets to you already wrapped up and ready to go! The blue wrapĀ is super soft and absorbent and will keep your grip secure without any tacky feeling. If you like your grip tacky, the gray wrap is where its at!

If you want your mallets cut to a specific length OR you would like a specific diameter rattan handle, pleaseĀ contact usĀ for a custom order!

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