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Auxiliary Bundle

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Auxiliary Bundle
Everything you need to sound your best from the back of the hall. Plus you get 10% off the regular price!
1 pr. Marauder - rattan handles (general suspended cymbal mallets... also awesome on tom drums)
1 pr. Reliant - carbon fiber handles (double-sided general/staccato bass drum rollers)
1 single Nostromo - carbon fiber handle (legato bass drum beater)
1 pr. Chime Mallet Combo - carbon fiber handles (1 single mallet of each: hard Fantastique & medium Metamorphosis)
1 pr. Lyra - rattan (super versatile: great for xylo, woodblock, temple blocks, multi-percussion setups, small gongs, etc. Can also be used for note-bending on vibraphone as well as the upper register of a marimba)


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