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Griffin | 3/4" Cherry TPU | Med. Hard

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Griffin | 3/4" Cherry TPU | Med. Hard
Griffin | 3/4" Cherry TPU | Med. Hard
Griffin | 3/4" Cherry TPU | Med. Hard

REDESIGNED for 2020: The Griffin now features a mid-weight zinc insert inside a new thermoplastic material. It's also now available by popular demand on 6mm rattan.

Our lightweight fiberglass models are designed to meet our customers' requests for a shorter-length, agile mallet that is smooth in the hand, light to the touch and offers different sound possibilities. Choose between a black or white ⅛” fiberglass shaft designed for durability and longevity with a black lightweight, soft-touch hand grip that won't slide around in sweaty hands. All three of our fiberglass models work great for pit work or chamber music where orchestration is thinner but clarity is still a necessity.

Note: There is NO difference in feel or flex between the white and black fiberglass handles. It's purely an aesthetic choice. Some players prefer white fiberglass for a clearer visual contrast on the instrument.


Length: 11" (fiberglass), 12" (rattan)
Handle diameter: 1/4" (fiberglass), 6mm (rattan)
Head material: TPU with zinc insert
Head size: 3/4"
Suggested use: glockenspiel

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