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Virtual Summer Camp 2020

Join Aaron, Lexie, and eighteen Artifact Artists for our first ever Virtual Summer Camp! The free 3-day program will offer twenty, one-hour classes on topics ranging from snare drum basics, front ensemble rehearsal techniques, introductions to world percussion, and musical theatre entrepreneurship. 
Classes will run from 9AM-6PM EST with a one-hour lunch break, half-hour afternoon pause, and a half-hour wrap up at the end of the day where participants and instructors can ask additional questions.
Registration is totally free but attendance will be limited to 50 participants. 
6/12 Update: All spots have been filled and registration has been closed.
Please contact us if you are interested in being added to the waitlist and we'll do our best to get you involved if registrants drop out.

Daily Class Schedule

Thursday, July 16th

“Front Ensemble Rehearsal Techniques”
Casey Sagolla-Slamp

“Drum Corps Audition Prep”
Alex Braud

“Four-mallet Basics”
Emily Salgado

“Solo Marimba Literature”
Yves Popow

“Snare Drum Basics”
Tyler Wales

“Percussion Accessories: Practice Techniques and Performance”
Michael Barranco

Friday, July 17th

“World Percussion Instruments and Techniques”
Layne Mauldin

“Duo Chamber Music”
Catch 22 Duo

“Mind Your Feet: Navigating Complex Timpani Parts”
Craig McNutt

“Timpani: Excerpts and Auditions”
Ari Hajek

“European Style Timpani Technique”
David Cariano Timme

“Tabla: Basics and Performance Techniques”
Darren Proctor

“Bodhran Basics”
Jared Coller

Saturday, July 18th

“The Developing Freelance Percussionist”
Joe Turner

“Musical Theatre Entrepreneurship”
Brad Bailey

“Drum Set Basics”
Alex Braud

“New Music: Incorporating Electronics”
Jordan Walsh

“Music Education”
Jacob Bradshaw

Panel Q&A with David Cariano Timme, Jared Coller, Jordan Walsh, Joe Turner, Daniel Floyd, and Josh Wynnyk