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Lifetime Personalization

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Lifetime Personalization
Lifetime Personalization
Lifetime Personalization

Are you someone who likes to put your name on your gear for identification or security reasons? We can do that for you.

Instead of using the common methods of laser-etching or pad-printing to mark our products, we use a custom-made wood brand to burn our logo into all of our rattan and wood handles. This method looks nicer and has better contrast than laser-etching and is much more permanent and WAY more environmentally-friendly than pad-printing.

We can use this same method to personalize your sticks and mallets by getting a custom-made branding plate with your name on it to use in our electric branding iron. You pay a one-time fee to cover the cost of the plate and then we can burn your name onto every pair of sticks and every wood or rattan-handled mallet you buy from us FOREVER, without you ever paying another fee.

If you would like your mallets personalized, be sure to add the Lifetime Personalization fee to your cart by clicking the button above.

Make sure to include your preferred text (max. 15 characters) for your brand in the comment box.

We will email you if we have any questions.

Your name will be branded on each individual stick and mallet in a clean, easy-to-read font. It will never wear off and cannot be removed by someone with ill-intentions. If having your name on your gear is important to you, branding is the best way to do it. 

‚ÄčMost stick & mallet companies do not offer personalization service and those that do will charge you a fee for every pair of mallets ordered.

We will do it for free.

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